Ca$h Out Talks L.A. Reid, 'Cashin' Out' Success & Next Single

Ca$h Out Talks L.A. Reid, 'Cashin' Out' Success & Next Single

A little more than three years ago, Ca$h Out was standing across from a Clayton County judge, anxiously awaiting his fate for a gun charge. Today, he's celebrating the success of his single, "Cashin' Out," and his subsequent signing to Epic Records. "I took [my gun charge] to trial and actually beat it," he told Billboard's The Juice. "So I had to do something to turn my life around because I felt like God gave me another chance at life -- to do something with it and I took advantage of that."

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The Atlanta rapper effectively used his buzz below the Mason-Dixon line to push "Cashin' Out" into the consciousness of industry insiders nationwide. The 21 yr. old, who's first single climbed 7-5 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart last week, is already gearing up for his second single, 'Smilin' In My Face,' which he says is just as good as his first, if not better. Ca$h Out insists that he doesn't feel pressure to top his debut, but others might. "That's the reason LA Reid signed me, because of my music," he shared, "When we first went up [to Epic's offices], it was because of 'Cashin' Out,' but when he heard the rest of the music, the deal got reconstructed. This second single is the one LA loved- it was the one I performed in his office."

"Smilin' In My Face" is more than just a party track, Ca$h hopes that it will be motivation for those dealing with backstabbing friends. "I really make music people can relate to, and the beat is crazy. A lot of people have been in that position where somebody else wants to take your spot," he said. Although there isn't a specific date set for "Smilin' In My Face," Ca$h is hoping for a May release, just in time to dominate the radio waves over the summer.

Ca$h Out's industry climb started as an independent effort with his team, Bases Loaded. As his buzz grew, the major labels came calling. "My [Bases Loaded] CEO called me and I thought he was playing," Ca$h Out said, "He was like, 'LA Reid wants to fly us up,' and I was like, 'Whoa!' It happened so fast because we had just gotten the single bubbling and we actually had it on the charts ourselves."

There's a full-length album in mind for the future, but as of right now, Ca$h Out is focused on making an impact one single at a time after the mid-March release of his mixtape "It's My Time." "I'm really looking at the big picture and trying to get this second single in the same position as 'Cashin' Out' because it's doing so well and growing so fast," he said, "It's still brand-new to the world. We're gearing up for it. So, I'm looking at the second, third, fourth singles… Introducing myself to the world and when it's time, putting out a great album."

Ca$h's reluctance to feature guest artists on his cuts is a conscious decision. He hopes to make his own imprint on the rap game without any confusion as to what his sound is. Still he said that it doesn't hurt to have a label mate who's making his own way up the charts. "I'm pretty sure [Future and I will] knock something out. We're both just in a lane right now," Ca$h Out said, "We actually have a song that we did about two years ago... We been working but right now, he's in his lane, we're in our lane and he working to push his album, I'm working to push my singles and my mixtape. But since we're label mates, we'll definitely do something."

As quickly as things have been moving for Ca$h Out, he isn't an overnight celebrity. "People that don't know me don't know that I put in a lot of work over the past two to three years," he revealed, "A lot of work on my end, in my streets, and where I'm from and the surrounding areas. I put in a lot of work. 'Cashin' Out' is just the single that opened the door for everything else, all the other great music that I have, besides 'Cashin' Out.'"


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