Pusha T Releases Alleged Diss Track; Lil Wayne Responds

Pusha T Releases Alleged Diss Track; Lil Wayne Responds

Pusha T Releases Alleged Diss Track; Lil Wayne Responds

Another day, another rap beef. Two beefs in the case of Pusha-T.

Yesterday (May 23), Pusha released his new song, "Exodus 23:1," speculated to be laced with shots at Drake and Chicago producer, Young Chop.

"Beef is when you hide behind them other ni**as / But they ain't killers, they ain't pullin' them triggers, fuck ni**as," Pusha raps on the The-Dream- assisted track.

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It looks like Lil Wayne took offense to the alleged diss track. Earlier today (May 24), he took to Twitter to respond, tweeting, "Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em." Why is Weezy mad? It may have to do with Pusha's "Exodus" bars that allegedly reference Drake's recording contract with Wayne and Wayne's with Cash Money and Universal Music. "Contract all fucked / Explain up I guess that means you all fucked up / You signed to one ni**a that signed to another ni**a that's signed to three ni**as / Now that's bad luck," Pusha raps.

The fighting words regarding "Exodus 23:1" don't stop there, though. Young Chop, who had a short tiff with Kanye West for re-purposing his beat on Chief Keef's "I Don't LIke" remix, took to Twitter, as well, to address Pusha's alleged shots thrown at him. "You can keep your beats, ni**a / We'd much rather share your bitch, ni**a, bitch ni**a," Pusha raps on "Exodus 23:1."

"Fuck (Pusha T) am on that," Chop tweeted, "Am on that with yo bicth ass @PUSHA_T [ sic]." Chop continued to re-tweet Weezy's tweet.

It looks as if Pusha has re-ignited a past beef with Lil Wayne. Both rappers went back and forth in 2006 through 2007, taking jabs at one another. The beef continued till last year when Pusha squashed any ill will towards the rapper in an interview with Complex. People also speculated Pusha threw shots at Drake on his freestyle, "Don't Fuck With Me," but he later told 107.5 WGCI's DJ MoonDawg that he wasn't "dissin' Drake" and "actually like[s] him."