French Montana Recruits Rick Ross, Drake, Lil Wayne For 'Pop That': Listen

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KARIM KHARBOUCH (a.k.a. French Montana)

Continuing to bring his mixtape flare into the mainstream, French Montana salutes the twerk team movement in his latest single "Pop That." The NY rapper brings Rick Ross, Drake, and Lil Wayne along for the fun, over a beat laced with a looped Uncle Luke sample.

As if the instrumentals weren't enough with the constant reiteration of "Pop That, Don't Stop," the brashness of Montana's lyrics is something the 90's booty-bounce king would be proud of.

"What you twerkin' with / Throw it, buss it open / Show me what you twerkin' with / Ass so fun, need a lap dance / I'm in that white ghost chasin' Pac Man," Montana raps over the abrasive beat.

While Ross, Drake, and Wayne all deliver their unique, but typical, personal touches to the record, the references Drake makes towards his 'critics' make his verse stand apart from the rest.

"We don't dress alike, we don't rap alike / I shine different, I rhyme different / Only thing you got is some years on me / Man, fuck you and your time difference / I'm young papi, champagne / They know the face, and they know the name / Got one watch that could probably pay for like all your chains / And you'd owe me change, ah," Drizzy raps.

Although the debut date is up in the air, French Montana and the team have already shot the video for "Pop That," according to The Miami Herald. The video was shot Memorial weekend during 'Urban Beach Week' in a mansion setting with roaming bikini-clad, water gun-toting models. Red Café and Rihanna came through the set, as well.

"Pop That" is the first single off of French Montana's debut album, "Excuse My French," due out July 17. Montana's previously released single, "Shot Caller," peaked at No. 23 on the Rap Songs chart while Rick Ross' "Stay Schemin,'" featuring the rapper, peaked at No. 20.