R. Kelly, 'Write Me Back': Track-By-Track Review

R. Kelly Promises Return to Explicit Music; Announces 'Single Ladies Tour'

R. Kelly Promises Return to Explicit Music; Announces 'Single Ladies Tour'

R. Kelly is a man of many skills -- all of which he stretches on his 11th studio album, "Write Me Back." R. Kelly, who wrote and produced all but two songs, colors in his 12-track set with influences from nostalgic old-school soundscapes. Kellz' signature impelling vocals sheen the album with a touch of himself.

Similar to its predecessor, "Love Letter" (2010), "Write Me Back" features R. Kelly exploring and spanning on the soulful elements of the 50s through 70s. Besides tracks such as "All Rounds On Me" and "Party Jumpin'," which lean towards rock and are the least compelling tracks of the album, he channels amorous 70s crooners as Barry White and Marvin Gaye and arranges odes that leave you longing for chivalry's heyday.

With the range of of musical eras R. Kelly dives into, it'd be interesting to see which songs Kelly's loyal fans gravitate towards. His first "Write Me Back" single, "Share My Love," continues to climb the Billboard R&B charts. It's currently No. 7 on the Adult R&B chart and No. 40 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

R. Kelly: 11 Lessons of Love

Which "Write Me Back" track will keep R. Kelly on the top of the charts? Here's our track-by-track review of each song.

1. "Love Is": R. Kelly opens "Write Me Back" with encouraging rhetorical questions on the album's sweeping theme and his specialty: Love.

2. "Feelin' Single": Kellz takes advantage of the smooth groove of "Feelin' Single" to showcase his falsetto.

3. "Lady Sunday": R. Kelly continues to explore the 70s era by tapping into Sweet Philly soul music and showing appreciation for the love of his life, music.

4. "When A Man Lies": If you ever doubted this man's penmanship, listen closely to "When A Man Lies." "When a man lies he kills every reason she ever had for loving him/ Mirror, I'm talking to you," he croons.

5. "Clipped Wings": For this ballad, Kelly takes a seat behind the piano to confess that he treated the right girl wrong.

6. "Believe That It's So": "Flirting with all the honeys… I got my cup in the air 'cause tonight I don't care," R. Kelly sings on the carefree, two-step track.

7. "Fool For You": Kellz slows it down and channels quiet storm legends, Maze and Smokey Robinson, on one of "Write Me Back's" stand-out tracks.

8. "All Rounds On Me": You ever wanted a 2012 song to dance to like John Travolta and Uma Thurman did in "Pulp Fiction"? Ta-da!

9. "Believe In Me": An R. Kelly album wouldn't be complete if he doesn't tap into his church upbringing. In "Believe In Me," Kellz reaches out for the love and support of his leading lady and the one above.

10. "Green Light": "Green Light" is a signature R. Kelly song. Not only does it echoe the Isley Brothers, but like it's 1992, he tells us he can "satisfy" better than the next man.

11. "Party Jumpin'": Whoa there, Kellz. The singer dives too deep into the muddy waters of rock and roll' with "Party Jumpin'."

12. "Share My Love": R. Kelly closes "Write Me Back" with its first single, "Share My Love." The song carries a similar sound as heard in Barry White's romantic classics, but of course, with Kelly's staple come-hither chants.