B.o.B Keeps Crowd in the 'Clouds' at NYC Secret Show

B.o.B Keeps Crowd in the 'Clouds' at NYC Secret Show

You'd think a secret show wouldn't call forth many fans, but that was far from the truth in the case of B.o.B's free secret show on Sunday (July 22). Fans waited in a line which snaked around NYC's Highline Ballroom in hopes of making it in to the Myspace and Trojan Condoms sponsored event.

Those who were lucky enough to enter the packed venue got revved for the evening with an energetic hip-hop set from DJ duo, Animal Status. At around 9 pm, B.o.B made a humble entrance in front of an amped audience. The unshaven Grand Hustle artist donned his signature Ray Ban wayfarers, a denim vest, cargos, and a red snapback to match his kicks and "raised fist" chain.

After thanking his fans for their patience, the singer-songwriter/rapper swooped up his guitar and sung the opening lyric of "Don't Let Me Fall," off "The Adventures of Bobby Ray." The first studio album, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, was the gem that shot the 23-year-old Atlanta rapper from bubbling under to stardom.

He followed up with his latest "Strange Clouds" single, "Out of My Mind," featuring Nicki Minaj. Minaj swapped homelands with Bobby Ray for the night, performing in ATL while he rocked the stage in NYC. The two reportedly wrapped the shoot for 'Out of My Mind" last week.

Bobby Ray kept the hard beats coming, following "Out of My Mind" with "Bet I," for which he brought out the song's guest artist, Playboy Tre. As Tre slayed his verse, B.o.B squirted water into the throng who were drenched in sweat.

B.o.B proceeded to bring out two lovely ladies to dance up to the stage while he performed "Ray Bands." After the money anthem, which possesses arguably the most infectious beat from "Strange Clouds," B.o.B segued into "Nothin' On You." He kept the crowd swaying back and forth with "Castles," Taylor Swift-assisted, "Both of Us," and "Never Let You Go," before he sat down behind the piano and played a few seconds from "Where Are You (B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray)."

Bobby Ray, who let the music do most of the talking for the better part of the evening, broke the stream of songs to say a few words. As the room fell silent, he urged his Ray Fanz to imagine the skies and make a wish. He kept on, performing his popular hits, "Airplanes" and "Strange Clouds."

The set, which flirted with the one hour mark, ended with an encore performance of "So Good," which summed up the short but sweet evening perfectly.