Trey Songz Talks 'Chapter V' Collaborations & 'Hail Mary' Single: Watch


While today marks the release of Trey Songz' "Chapter V" (Aug. 21), the singer's fifth studio album has already made an impact on the R&B/Hip-Hop charts. "Chapter V" has delivered three hits as of today: "Dive In," "Heart Attack," and 2 Reasons," featuring T.I. As he preps his fourth single, "Hail Mary," "Heart Attack" becomes Songz' eighth top 5 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart.

"On this album I have more collaborations that I've ever had," Trey Songz told at his Walmart Soundcheck session. "I've always believed that an album should be so much of whom that artist is for their fans. But this time, five albums in, I've never had a featured driven album. I wouldn't even call it feature driven but its more features that I've ever had."

Trey Songz continued to talk about his Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy assisted single, "Hail Mary," which coincidentally was the last track to make the cut. "I was in the studio and the album was supposed to be turned in already and I was just in there doing extra songs for mixtape records, etc. And the record was so crazy I said, 'Let me call Wayne, see if he like it. Maybe he can use it for his project.'" he said. "He put a verse on it. He said he loved it. It was crazy. He sent me the verse back. I started to like the record a little more. And I said, 'Let me call my homie Jeezy and see if he like it.' He got on it and the record turned out to be great. We actually held the album up probably a week and a half for that record."

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