Nelly Talks 'M.O.' Album, 'Marry Go Round' Single & CW's 'The Next'

It's been 12 years since Nelly stepped into the game with his solo debut,"Country Grammar." Now on his seventh studio album, "M.O.," the rapper continues to re-invent himself and work steadily on his legacy.

"This [is] my seventh album and when you've been fortunate enough to be in any career 12-13 years, re-inventing yourself and staying hungry in that career is your biggest challenge," Nelly told The Juice. "You get a chance to do things and change things around but also having to remind yourself that you do have a core audience that like what they like from you. You have to take that core audience and try to get a new audience and combine that with walking the line that a lot of people haven't been able to do thus far."

Nelly has been in the studio with Dr. Dre, Trey Songz, producer Detail, and Chris Brown. Breezy and Nelly teamed up for his first single, "Marry Go Round." "Getting with them [Da Internz] I'd definitely knew we'd come up with something I've never done before and we came up with the 'Marry Go Round' which I thought was dope," he said. "We called Chris up and he was like, 'Cool. Let's rock.'"

While fans soak in the first single, Nelly continues to put "effort" into "M.O." "It's not for me to say that this album is going to be my best album cause that's not for me to judge. That's going to be judged my peers, my fans and everybody else but the effort that you put into it you can give a quote on that," he said. "I think my effort that I've been putting into this album is where it needs to be to hopefully have success with it. So we're waiting to see what comes."

As he readies to release "M.O." "later this year," Nelly also appears as a mentor on the CW's "The Next" alongside Joe Jonas, John Rich, and Gloria Estefan. "Some of the best advice I've given thus far, is probably been questioning do they really love this game because that's an obstacle in itself," Nelly says of 'Next.'