Rapper JoJo Killed Amidst Chief Keef, Lil Reese Feud

Rapper JoJo Killed Amidst Chief Keef, Lil Reese Feud

18-year-old rapper JoJo was shot and killed in Chicago on Tuesday night, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The MC, whose real name is Joseph Coleman, had been feuding with fellow Chicago rapper Chief Keef and his crew in recent months, though his death earned little sympathy from the "I Don't Like" MC.

"Its Sad Cuz Dat Nigga Jojo Wanted To Be Jus Like Us #LMAO," Keef tweeted on Tuesday night.

Keef later tweeted that his account had been hacked.

In April, JoJo released "3hunna K," a track that he rapped "ain't a diss song, this is just a message" but found him riding Chief Keef's "Everyday" beat while guns appeared in the accompanying video.

The track was a response to Chief Keef affiliate Lil Durk's earlier rhymes about JoJo's Bricksquad crew, which JoJo followed up with an additional track on the subject. A shaky YouTube video uploaded on Tuesday pictures JoJo allegedly driving by Lil Reese -- another member of the Keef/Durk crew -- and engaging in a profanity-laced verbal argument. "I'ma kill you," the person claimed to be Reese clearly states in the video. According to the Tribune, police were investigating "whether the shooting was sparked by a gang conflict."

JoJo aimed a number of Twitter replies at Lil Reese on Tuesday, though the other MC didn't appear to respond.

Chicago has seen a number of homicides this summer, with 55 recorded in the month of August according to RedEye Chicago -- the most of the year so far.