Pac Div's 'Sneakerboxes': Song Premiere

Pac Div's 'Sneakerboxes': Song Premiere

'[It's] a message to the nosy people who wonder how much money we make,' Mibbs on 'Sneakerboxes.'

Pac Div has proudly represented the West Coast from the birth of its career, and has done so independently. But being a successful independent artist comes with folks who often wonder exactly how deep an artist's pockets are.

The trio -- consisting of BeYoung, Like and Mibbs -- take advantage of "Sneakerboxes," premiered exclusively on The Juice, to reassure "nosy people" that they're living good.

"The inspiration behind sneakerboxes is really to send a message to the nosy people [and] fans who wonder how much money we make. The phrase in the hook is clear as day: "I get paid, homey I get paid, fuck what y'all talkin 'bout, fuck is yall talkin 'bout!?!" Mibbs tells the Juice. "We've always been heavy on our sneaker game, whether we're trying or not, so by us having all those sneaker boxes handy, might as well use those for cash storage!"

"It's my favorite track because it has so much attitude and swagger," Mibbs continued. "It definitely feels like a throwback westcoast banger, somethin similar to NWA, with that Ice Cube, Eazy-E flow. The beat has that 'Paul Revere' drum break I love so much too."

Their sophomore album, " GMB," released on Nov. 27, also includes guest appearances by Kendrick Lamar, Kurupt, Mac Miller, and more.