Beyonce Hits Studio With 'Power' Producer

Beyonce Knowles attends party at Kanaloa hosted by Beyonce on November 13, 2009 in London, England.

Beyoncé was reportedly recently in the studio for a six-day recording session with Kanye West's "Power" producer Symbolic 1. The overly-excited hitmaker had this to say about their music-making stint:

"Me, Beyonce, and Caleb was in the studio last night killing it! Excited about session part 2 today! 2011 Let's Go! Got session part 2 with Beyonce today! Excited to see what were gonna create today after last nights session. God is Great! S1 2011. Day 3: A couple meetings then back in the lab with Beyonce today. Yesterdays session was CRAZY! Stay Tuned…… Not going to bed anytime soon. Beyonce got us in here working and I'm luvin every bit of it. Me and Caleb on some other right now. Lol. My last day in the lab with Beyonce today. Finishing up some Monsters! Well it was supposed to be my last day in here with Bey but she wants me stay longer. 3 words. Rescheduling My Flight! Lol. Day 5 in with Beyonce again. Trying to finish these other production/song task up. Everything is sounding really GREAT and BIG!!!! Praise the Lord I made it back home safely! Had a great 6 days in the lab with Beyonce. INCREDIBLE music we made. Great start for #2011"

We can't wait to hear the finished product.