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Usher Boo'ed In Germany, Claims Illness

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Maybe he’s listening for the audience’s “Confessions?” Whatever they’re saying, Usher’s having a hard time hearing, appearing on BET’s “106th & Park” in NYC Mar. 24.

Looks like Usher may be feeling ill these days but his German fans aren't buying.

During the Berlin stop of his OMG tour, the R&B singer was boo'ed by the crowd when he stopped singing dead middle of a song and walked away from his mic.

Video: Usher boo'ed in Berlin

According to one fan's account, the original stop the night before was cancelled after the crowd waited over 40 minutes for Usher to come on stage, which never happened. Instead, management told the crowd Usher wasn't feeling well and that the show was postponed till the next day.

I guess that night of rest wasn't enough for Usher to recoup, because the next night the concertgoers had to wait another 40 minutes for Usher to hit the stage. Once there, he performed five songs (lip-synched, apparently) and interrupted each of them with five-minute breaks in between to catch his breath, it seemed. During one of those times, when Usher returned to the stage to try to resume the show, he was boo'ed by the crowd. Afterwards, he allegedly returned to the mic, sang for a couple more minutes and then the show was over, leaving fans wanting more.

Usher later released a statement to the press, stating he didn't "feel that I could put on the show that my fans deserve."

Feel better, Ursh.