Chris Brown And 15 Other Bleached Blond Musicians

Is Chris Brown going through a quarter-life crisis? Or is the bleached blond hair a publicity stunt to call attention to his upcoming "F.A.M.E." album? You decide.

Looks like Chris Brown has decided to find out if the old saying, "Blonds have more fun," is true. Brown just dyed his hair and has been proudly flaunting his new locks via Twitpics, posting multiple shots that find him canoodling with a bulldog and others in which he proudly overuses the sepia effect.

In tribute to Brown's new dye job, we've compiled a gallery of other music stars who have sported bleached hair, including Madonna, Eminem, Pink and Eve. Speak up and let us know who is your favorite bleachy in the comments below.

Clorox Locks: 15 Musicians with Bleached Blond Hair