Yung Berg on Lil B's 'I'm Gay' Title: 'It's a Positive Thing'

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For all of the outrageous stunts that Lil B has pulled in the past year -- releasing songs titled "Justin Bieber" and "Miley Cyrus," a pro wrestling-inspired mixtape, and this album cover, to name a few -- the California rapper's decision to name his next album "I'm Gay" may be his most controversial move yet. However, Yung Berg, Lil B's longtime friend and collaborator best known for singles like "Sexy Lady" and "Sexy Can I," tells that the title simply represents an extension of the rapper's fearless personality.

"A lot of people are scared to do that," says Yung Berg. "I think that Lil B stands for what a lot of people are scared of. They're scared of somebody with a voice and an opinion that really doesn't give a f**k about what somebody else thinks about them."

Since announcing the album title during his Coachella set last Saturday, Lil B has gotten GLAAD's backing, enjoyed a Twitter conversation with Perez Hilton, and told MTV that he's received death threats for the title. "I've never been attracted to a man in my life. But yes I am gay, I'm so happy… I'm a gay, heterosexual male," says Lil B.

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Yung Berg says that, "With the whole 'I'm Gay' situation, I understand it 100 percent: people give too much power to words. So if he jumps out there and it's a positive thing and says, 'Yo, I'm gay, and we're gonna take the definition away from the word and unify it to all people,' then I'm with that. That's some next-level shit right there."

Yung Berg, who has worked with Lil B on songs like "Ass on Deck" and "Pretty Bitches" and recently released his "Mr. Ward" mixtape, says that his fellow MC should also pay no mind to anyone threatening him over the title. "[There's] always gonna be the rebellious ones, the death threat guys and all that other shit," says Berg, "but I'll just tell B to stay focused, keep his faith in God and keep doing what he's doing."