Nas Announces New Solo Album, Talks State of Hip-Hop and Collaborating with Frank Ocean

Nas Introduces '12 Society' Lifestyle Website

It's been three years - filled of allegations and adversaries - since Nas delivered a solo album, and although reaching the No. 1 slot on the Billboard 200 and R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts, something about Nas' ninth solo album, 'Nas' (2008), still doesn't sit right with him, "I can look back at my last record and I know that some songs didn't belong there. I really over thought it. There was a lot going on," Nas says of self titled album, originally to be titled the "N" word.

Nas Drops 'N Word' From New Album Title

This time around, it's different. The Queens rapper is in a better place and is channeling his inspiration from the present state of hip-hop into his tenth solo album, yet to be titled. "I'm happy about music, it's pushing me back into the studio. I just love what's happening [in music]: I love Odd Future, Wayne, Drake, 'Ye [and] Rick Ross. It's something that threatens my position. Or it makes me question what I'm going to do next. What kind of impact do I want have now that I've been in the business this long. It's a challenge, it's scary even. But I'm very comfortable. I'm excited to see what comes out of me… I'm ready." Nas seems to have also set aside any beef with record label, Def Jam, from which his forthcoming will be released on.

Nas Pens Angry Letter to Def Jam Execs?

In the first part of our two part interview, Nas sat down with's The Juice to speak on his forthcoming solo album, being inspired by the state of hip-hop and collaborating with Frank Ocean on both artists' upcoming projects.

Reporting by Gail Mitchell