The-Dream Announces 'The Love IV' Release Date and Plans to Publish Book

The-Dream Releases Free 'Internet' Album, '1977'

The-Dream Releases Free 'Internet' Album, '1977'

The-Dream is known for lending his production and penmanship skills to Rihanna ("Umbrella") and Beyoncé, most recently writing and co-producing "1 +1," the opening track to Beyoncé's upcoming album, "4." But the Love King is keeping a little magic to himself to use towards his fourth album, "The Love IV (Diary of a Mad Man)," recently announced to debut on September 20, his birthday.

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For "The Love IV," The-Dream called in a few favors. In February, The-Dream shared his plans for the album's star-studded collaborations with MTV News. He plans to recruit Lil Wayne, Kanye West, Jay-Z, Drake and Mary J. Blige and confirmed an appearance by R.Kelly on the album's possible first single, "T.T.S."

But according to VIBE and hints dropped by The-Dream via Twitter, fans may not have to wait too long for a sneak peek. The-Dream plans to release a nine-minute double single, entitled "Zenith," today, June 7.

The-Dream also took to Twitter to announce a book inspired by the notorious "Love/Hate" and "Love King" tracks "Nikki" and "Nikki, Pt. 2," titled 'Nikki: The Chronicles.' The book is slated to hit shelves on Valentine's Day, 2012.

Is it finally safe to put the 2010 "retirement" rumors to rest? We hope so!