Kanye West's 'Mama's Boyfriend' Leaks: Listen

Kanye West strolls to the '2011 CFDA Fashion Awards' on June 6, in NYC.

Before he blessed us with G.O.O.D. Fridays, Kanye West paid a visit to the Facebook headquarters in Palo Alto, CA to preview a few tracks from his fifth album, "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy," which initially was to be titled "Good Ass Job."

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During his visit, the ever so dapper Ye' performed tracks of which some unfortunately didn't make the cut, one being "Mama's Boyfriend." A year later, yesterday (June 13), a full version of "Mama's Boyfriend" finally hit the 'net. Take a listen.

Over production reminiscent to Ye's earlier work (handclaps, "College Dropout"), "Mama's Boyfriend" features a knee-high 5 yr. old West rhyming to his mother's boyfriends, pointing one out in specific ("Old Spice wearing, short chain wearing") who he warns won't be able to put him in check any time soon. By the end of the track, Mr. West, twenty years older, finds the "tables have turned" and in the same position: as "mama's boyfriend."

"I'm my mama's boyfriend/ I'm her little husband/ I was the man in the house when it wasn't/ Trying to get to know me homie/ Just kill the charm/ You're not interested in me/ You're just trying to f*ck my mom"