Drake Slams Universal for Taking New Songs Off the Internet

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Drake, who recently unleashed two new songs onto the Internet, slammed his label's parent company, Universal, for ordering that the songs be removed from his blog and other sites that have posted them.

"Universal needs to stop taking my f--king songs down" the Young Money artist tweeted. "I am doing this for the people not for your label."

The original versions of the two songs, "Marvins Room" and "Trust Issues," are no longer available from his site, although "Chopped up not slopped up" remixes can be streamed. The songs are reminiscent of both his debut EP/mixtape, "So Far Gone," and tracks by Drake-endorsed Toronto outfit The Weeknd.

Drake Has 'Trust Issues': Listen

Drake also announced in the blog posting that he'll be releasing an official new single next month, and that his second full-length "Take Care" will be released on October 24, which is also his birthday.

At presstime Universal reps had not responded to Billboard.biz's request for comment.