Pharrell Williams Debuts 'Qream With A Q' Liqueur in NYC

Pharrell Williams Debuts 'Qream With A Q' Liqueur in NYC

Pharrell Williams Debuts 'Qream With A Q' Liqueur in NYC

Pharrell Williams is building a new branch in his lifestyle empire with the launch of cream liqueur, Qream with a Q. Qream with a Q is the the latest of the hip-hop mogul's lifestyle-centered ventures which includes A Bathing Ape, Billionaire Boys Club, and Ice Cream Footwear. Pharrell's cream liqueur strikes a new chord as it targets the female demographic with a touch of indulgence which, according to Pharrell, was missing. Qream with a Q comes in two varieties, Strawberry Crème and Peach Crème.

At the official NYC launch of Qream with a Q, Pharrell expressed his quest to create something other than the "lighter fluid" liquor currently on the market. "When we looked at the market, there were all these alcohol brands that use women in their ads but nothing specifically for them," Pharrell continued. "That's what we created Qream for. We're bringing indulgence back to the ladies."

He also emphasized the importance of creating a brand that was indulgent without the consequence of being heavy. Jokingly, he mentioned females' infatuation with looking thin. "Every where you turn it's like 'I gotta lose weight!' Like everywhere you're seeing spanx ads. I wish I had invested in spanx when they first started!" Pharrell joked.

We're positive "Spanx by Pharrell" would've been a huge hit.

Spotted in the crowd at Qream with a Q's launch party were hip-hop's finest including Jay-Z, Russell Simmons, Swizz Beatz, DJ Khaled, and Q-Tip. The sounds of the evening were provided by Karmin, with a special performance as the grande finale to the event.

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Aside from diving into yet another lifestyle venture, Pharrell continues to multi-task in music. Game has recruited Pharrell to executive produce his fourth studio album, "The R.E.D. Album" (Aug 23). Pharrrell is also rumored to be in the studio with Nelly Furtado.

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