The-Dream Releases New Song, 'Murderer,': Listen

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The-Dream gives us a sneak peak to his upcoming free mixtape, "1977," with his latest release, "The Murderer," released early this morning (August 22).

The-Dream To Release Free 'Internet' LP Amid Album Delay

The auto-tune heavy track, produced and written by The-Dream was "inspired by the motion picture, 'Columbiana,'" which stars Zoe Saldana.

"Hopefully the power of music Opens the Door of Original Music Together with Films Again [sic]," The-Dream tweets.

The-Dream plans to release his free, 10-song "Internet album," end of this month, August 31. "The Internet LP is entitled '1977' and will be released under my real name Terius Nash not The-Dream. Shooting videos for 1977 all this week," The-Dream tweeted. "BTW NO ONE AT DEF JAM IS HAPPY ABOUT A FREE ALBUM.... they are trying to stop it."

Are you excited for '1977' after hearing The-Dream's new song, "Murderer"?