DMX Talks 'Priceless' Moments With Aaliyah

DMX Talks 'Priceless' Moments With Aaliyah

DMX Talks 'Priceless' Moments With Aaliyah

DMX isn't known for his soft side but he's always been vocal for his love for Aaliyah. In the tribute version of Aaliyah's "Miss You," DMX opens the music video with heartfelt words to the singer.

"Dearest, sweet Aaliyah. I have trouble accepting the fact that you're gone. So I won't. It'll be like we went for awhile without seeing each other. But I can understand why God would have wanted you close to him. Cause you truly were an angel on earth. In my own special way, I love you and miss you."

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The two friends grew closer when working on her first film, Romeo Must Die. "When I was on tour her and Joel Silver came to my dressing room to see if I wanted to be a part of the movie," DMX tells The Juice. "Most people would have there people call, but she came herself. I'm like, 'Is this a trick question? You have to ask me if I want to be in a movie with Aaliyah? Hell yeah.' We [then] met up in Vancouver to [do] Romeo Must Die."

"She had a presence on TV that was incredible," DMX continued. "It was sexy but kind of gangster."

After the film wrapped, DMX and Aaliyah recorded and shot the visuals for the film's song,"Back in One Piece." "We did the video in Mount Vernon and Yonkers. I got to bring Aaliyah to the hood. Not many people can say that," DMX says of "Back in One Piece."

Although working together in film and music, Aaliyah was more than a co-worker to DMX and visa versa. "She was easy to talk to and down to earth. Aaliyah made you feel comfortable, with her and with yourself. That's one hell of a combination."

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Ten years after her passing, Aaliyah is still No. 1 in the game to X. "Half these chicks that are doing it right now wouldn't be doing it. Aaliyah would be on top," DMX tells The Juice. "As far as I'm concerned she's still on top."

"Thank you," DMX says she would tell Aaliyah if still here. "Thank you for the opportunity. Thank you for memories. They're all priceless."

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