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Beyonce Rocks the Pixie Cut in 'Countdown': Watch

Beyonce Rocks the Pixie Cut in 'Countdown': Watch

Think "Single Ladies" but with bright hues and an Audrey Hepburn pixie cut. On MTV's sneak peek video premiere of "Countdown," Beyoncé shows us, once again, that not only can the diva pull off a one-piece leotard like no other (pregnant to boot) but also any hair style desired.

In 38 second clip, Bey' morphs into a human clock as her arms tick to the tocking beat in front of a striped backdrop. Do we dare say she's created yet another signature dance move?

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But it wouldn't be Beyoncé without some Sasha Fierce sexiness: multi-colored leotards and lime-green eyeshadow. The best part of the preview, of course, is her cut-out evening gown that showcases the baby bump.