Soulja Boy Tells Em Sorry for Drug Arrest, Promotes New Movie

Wiz Khalifa Arrested on Drug Charges in North Carolina

Soulja Boy, 2011Temple, GACharges: Drug and gun possession.

It didn't take long for Soulja Boy to reconnect to social media to thank fans and promote his new movie following his arrest on drug and gun possession charges in Georgia on Tuesday.

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Moments after being released on $10,000 bond, the "Crank That" star, who reportedly said "I'm innocent, man" while exiting a bail bond company, took to Twitter. "Thank you and i'm sorry. love you forever, seeing your letters and you standing outside that jail made me feel the love. my fans r the best."

Soulja Boy, whose real name is DeAndre Cortez Way, faces drug and gun charges after police stopped him and four others in a Cadillac Escalade early Tuesday about 20 miles was of the Alabama state line.

Temple, Ga. police spokesperson Dana Rampy told that the five men were facing charges of felony possession of marijuana, felony possession of a weapon in commission of a crime and possession with intent to distribute. Earlier, the official said the men had "a lot of marijuana in the car," but would not elaborate on how many guns or whether they were properly registered.

The rapper's arrest came on the very same day his straight-to-DVD movie "Soulja Boy: The Movie" was released in stores and online. He didn't hesitate to promote the day-in-the-life film with multiple links to

"I missed 10 interviews today for my new movie!" he said on Twitter. "To those companies I'm sorry! You can see I had a lil situation. The show must go on."

He later added, "Much love go cop soulja boy the movie everywhere now thanks for your prayers."

His promotion seems to be working. On, the DVD is already sold out.