Beyonce On Set of Harper's Bazaar Photo Shoot: Watch

Beyonce On Set of Harper's Bazaar Photo Shoot: Watch

Harper's Bazaar recently gave fashion photographer Terry Richardson the green light to shoot friend, Beyoncé, for its November issue. In a behind-the-scenes video montage, Bey' talks about working with Richardson while dazzling in designer duds against the backdrop of a rainy New York City.

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The Harper's Bazaar cover story centers around Bey's revelation of her 2011 VMA baby bump announcement, her style evolution, her relationship with husband Jay-Z, and her friendship with Gwyneth Paltrow.

"We have been together since I was 20 years old," Beyoncé told Harper's Bazaar. Bey' contnued to open up about her ten year relationship with Jay. "We took our time and developed an unbreakable friendship before we got married. I admire his ability to inspire others," Bey' told Harper's Bazaar. "To me, Jay represents the American dream. Jay's music has helped define our generation. All that he has overcome and worked to achieve gives millions hope that they can become whatever they want to be. I respect him so much; he is a great man and a great artist."

Bey' shared on the closeness with her husband. "We focused three years on our marriage and found that it brought us an even stronger bond and connection," Beyoncé says. "But like anything great and successful in your life, marriage takes hard work and sacrifice. It has to be something both you and your husband deeply want. The best thing about marriage is the amount of growth you have because you can no longer hide from your fears and insecurities. There's someone right there calling you out on your flaws and building you up when you need the support. If you are with the right person, it brings out the best version of you."

Check out Beyoncé get silly on the set of her Harper's Bazaar photo shoot.