A Drake Birthday Card, from Billboard.com

A Drake Birthday Card, from Billboard.com

As Drake celebrates his 25th birthday on Oct. 24, Billboard.com takes a moment to look back at his 24th year.

Dear Drake,

It's been one busy year for you. Following the release of your debut "Thank Me Later" last year, you've found a whirlwind of success, including a film role (in "Ice Age: Continental Drift"), a short-lived virtual marriage with Nicki Minaj, four 2011 Grammy nods, and your first 2011 BMI Urban Awards songwriter of the year award.

Soon after your 24th birthday, you gave us a gift yourself by revealing the title of your follow-up album, "Take Care" (out Nov. 15). Since then, you've been teasing us with your first official single, "Headlines," currently at No. 2 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, and emo-heavy singles such as "Marvin's Room," currently at No. 8 on R&B/Hip-Hop Songs, and "Trust Issues" feat. The Weeknd. In the past months, you've jumped on addictive club anthems as DJ Khaled's Billboard top-10 "I'm On One" and Waka Flocka's "Round of Applause." Way to stay busy.

While chatting at the 2nd Annual OVO Fest, you told us a bit about your budding bromance with Toronto singer/songwriter/producer The Weeknd and the magic you two created on "Take Care."

As we hope you're recovering from the countless shots of Moscato at your birthday party at Tao in Las Vegas this past weekend, we wish you a "fancy" 25th year. We hope it's filled with high nods on the Billboard charts. Plus we promise to never judge you for drunk calling a la "Marvin's Room."