Joe Talks New Album, Says Chris Brown is 'One of Top Performers' Today

Joe Talks New Album, Says Chris Brown is 'One of Top Performers' Today

R&B singer Joe returns to music with a splash as his ninth studio album, "The Good, The Bad, The Sexy" (Oct. 18) debuts at No. 2 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Abums chart, selling just under 33,000, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"The Good, The Bad, The Sexy" showcases Joe's maturity as an artist. "It's just getting more mature," Joe tells's The Juice. "More mature about what I do, how I carry myself and how I approach and look at the music. So it's a lot more fun for me, growing up and learning more, the experience and wisdom that comes along with it."

Not only is the album representative of the singer's personal growth and maturity, but also more mature in terms of content, warranting him to describe it as "more sexually driven" than in the past. "[There's] no holding back," he says. "[There's] more straight forward lyrics and saying exactly what's on my mind. [I'm] not being too disguising with it; [there's] not too many metaphors."

"The Good, The Bad, The Sexy" earns its title by being a compilation of tracks fitting all of these descriptions. Discussing the songs on the album that fit into the three categories, Joe mentions the track "Slow Kisses" as the good. "It means we don't have to have sex tonight, we could just cuddle and hold each other. It sounds corny to a lot of people but I don't mind doing that with my girl and that's the good."

Regarding the bad, he notes "'Drink Up' really, really goes hard. Another one could be 'Losing.' That's one of the bad things. Nobody wants to lose, we want to win." But when it comes to the sexy, Joe says "every song talks about bad things and good things but is still all sexy, just the entire record, the feel of it."

The 11-track set manages to be absent of any features. "Nowadays, you have to have a feature in order to win so I didn't want to go that route," Joe says. " I wanted people to see that I could stand on my own the way legends did in the past."

However, there are still artists that Joe would love to work with including Stevie Wonder, Prince, and Charlie Wilson. "I just love old school entertainers," he says. "They just bring something beautiful to the table. They're so humble still. They don't care who says they're superstars even though they are. You learn so much because they're open enough to accept what you have to offer as well. "

As a veteran to the R&B scene, the "Stutter" singer feels as though R&B has changed a lot over the years. "R&B always celebrated life and relationships and growing and building and trying to go to the next level as an individual. It's a little different now."

However, Joe mentions that he currently enjoys listening to one R&B artist in particular: Chris Brown. "Chris Brown, I've got to say is one of the top performers in our generation, the young generation right now," he says. "I like the record 'Beautiful People.' What he says in the record is just very inspiring. It really says something in the song. It's not just a party record. It's a party record with a message."

Ending with his hopes for R&B, he notes "there are a lot of things to talk about other than the jewelry and swag and all of that. It's nice when you can get an artist from the young generation who can come with a different perspective on how he grew up. R&B, they have to be leaders and not followers."