Roscoe Dash Is Out to Prove He's More Than Hooks With the 'J.U.I.C.E.'

Roscoe Dash Is Out to Prove He's More Than Hooks With the 'J.U.I.C.E.'

In 2010, Roscoe Dash exploded on to the hip-hop scene with catchy anthemic hooks on hits like Waka Flocka Flame's "No Hands" and songs of his own like "All The Way Turnt Up," featuring Soulja Boy. A year after his unfinished album, " Ready Set Go!," was, as he says, leaked and sold exclusively at Walmart, Dash is back with an entirely new slate of songs and a new outlook.

"This is really my first album," Dash told The Juice of his debut album the "J.U.I.C.E." (Dec 13). "This is really my breaking point and my defining album at the same time." Concerned about being labeled as one note, Dash said he wanted to make sure this upcoming album stands on its own.

"I want to make sure that I'm standing out and not just a featured artist. I'm not just a hook man or whatever the case may be," Dash said. "That's why I named it 'Just Understand I Control Everything' which makes up 'J.U.I.C.E.'"

Expect everything but the old Roscoe Dash on "J.U.I.C.E." "Right now I'm working on a song with B.o.B., kind of an urban rock song. I'm introducing different styles of music, so I felt like that would be a good blend. I'm working on some stuff with T.I. as well," Roscoe said.

The first single, "Good Good Night," has a strong electronic influence, but Roscoe wasn't always sure it was a bonafide hit. "When I first did the song 'Good Good Night,' I loved the song but I didn't think it should be my first single until I went back in and added some stuff to the hook," Dash told The Juice. "I try to make every verse different with beat patterns and no repetitiveness whatsoever. 'Good Good Night' is a new sound and new energy where there's not a 'break your neck, bob your head' [type of sound], but just feel good music."

Although he's trying to define himself as a solo artist, Roscoe Dash isn't entirely hung up on doing hooks like on Big Sean's R&B/Hip-Hop Songs No. 1 "Marvin and Chardonnay." "I feel obligated to do hooks. I'm not trying to stop, I just want to give my verses the equal attention my hooks have been getting. I want to make whole songs that are excellent."

In fact, Dash said he wants to switch it up a bit. "For my album, I don't know if it's going to happen, but I want to get somebody to sing a hook. I've never had somebody do that before. I'm thinking about either Frank Ocean or John Legend. I think that would be really dope."