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Young Fyre Talks T-Pain's 'rEVOLVEr,' Working with Busta Rhymes & More

Young Fyre Talks T-Pain's 'rEVOLVEr,' Working with Busta Rhymes & More

Young Fyre, born Tramaine Winfrey, has produced for some of the hottest artists in the game from Chris Brown, Lil Wayne ("How to Hate") to his bossman at Nappy Boy Entertainment, T-Pain. The Iowa native produced three tracks on T-Pain's fifth studio album "rEVOLVEr" (Dec. 6), including "Default Picture," "I Don't Give a Fuk," and "Best Love Song," featuring C. Breezy.

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"We've been working on it for over a year. We did up to 40 to 50 songs," Fyre tells The Juice of "rEVOLVEr." "He blessed me with a lot of creative control on his project." The recording process for the album was quite arduous, according to Fyre. The 25 yr. old says T-Pain had been scrapping whole albums numerous times before he even joined the project.

Despite his age, Fyre says T-Pain gave him full range in the studio. "Our chemistry is unbelievable. It's a joint effort on every song and it's a beautiful thing. It's better than any other situation that I could have been offered, because he truly nourishes the relationship and is out for my success. I work better with him than I have with anybody," he says.

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Aside from his work on "rEVOLVEr," Young Fyre is teaming up with a slew of noteable artists like Mario, Diggy Simmons, Chris Brown, and OMG Girlz. You can find Fyre's work on Chris Brown's upcoming album "Fortune" ( March 2012) and Mario's yet-to-be titled album slated for next year as well. However, one artist in particular, Fyre says, has been particularly special to work with: Busta Rhymes.

"I actually keep in phone contact with him. He's like a mentor," Fyre tells The Juice. "He's taking 40-50 beats and he's like, 'I want the best of the best.' He's worked very hard to get this buzz back. He told me, 'I don't want you to get discouraged because I'll get so many beats and I'll only take one or two. I want you to know I'm out here trying to get the best out of everybody; their number one song.' It's taught me a lot about doing the best you can with everything you do."

And while some of these artists sound like a perfect fit for Fyre, there are a few he wants to work with that may shock people. "I'm a huge fan of the country side: Taylor Swift and LeAnn Rimes. I really might get judged for this, but I really like Taylor Swift as far as new country. I really get into her music because of her story," he says.

"I want to make sure that everybody can see that I can do all types of music and not just urban music," Fyre says. "I definitely want to do [work for] pop artists, from Ke$ha, Rihanna, Katy Perry to Justin Bieber."