Love Doctor: Robin Thicke Talks Prenups, the Big O & Long Term Relationships

Robin Thicke performs at the 2011 Soul Train Awards.

It's evident Robin Thicke knows a thing or two about love. After releasing his album, "Sex Therapy" (2009) the singer took time away from the spotlight to concentrate on the four letter word himself.

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"I had a child with my lovely wife [Paula Patton]. That pretty much changed everything," Robin Thicke shares with's The Juice. "It made me become a better man, a real man. It taught me patience and compassion for my wife, for women in general, in a way that I couldn't have ever fathomed until you see what a woman has to go through to have a child."

Two years later, Thicke returns with his fifth studio album, "Love After War" (Dec. 6). "This album because of what's been going on in my life, I wanted it to be real honest, and real personal," Thicke tells The Juice. "It's when you're in a relationship, fighting all the time and somebody's got to start the healing process."

In celebration of his renown baby making discography, including "Love After War," Robin Thicke plays The Juice's love doctor and answers his fans' questions, ranging from prenups to orgasms. Check it out above!