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Rita Ora Performs Two Tracks, Talks Upcoming Album & Jay-Z

Rita Ora Performs Two Tracks, Talks Upcoming Album & Jay-Z

It's hard to keep your eyes off Rita Ora. The Kosovo born, London raised singer has an alluring, fresh look -- blonde tresses, signature red lipstick and Jordans -- a carefree, eccentric 'tude and impassioned pipes.

Behind the Scenes at Rita Ora's acoustic Billboard session

Ever since being plucked from a night club in London in 2009 by Roc Nation, Rita Ora has been in the studio crafting her untitled debut album, which has been a learning experience in itself.

"When I signed to Roc Nation, I was 18. At 18, I was basically singing anything [and] talking about something that I didn't really know. When we recorded a few songs... the good thing about having a musician who is also your boss, is [having him] say, 'Are you happy with it?' Rita Ora said of Jay-Z and recording,"I was like, 'I don't know.' He taught me about patience and they [Roc Nation] taught me how to find myself. I came back one day, and I swear, and I was like, 'You know what? We need to do something else. And we flipped it."

Three years later, her full-length opus, featuring Ester Dean, The-Dream, Tinie Tempah, Drake and more, "is nearly done," and Rita Ora is charming the media all the while marking her name in red on the Billboard charts.

Rita Ora's first U.S. single, "How We Do (Party)," debuts on Billboard's Pop Songs radio airplay chart this week at No. 39. The debut comes two months after Jay-Z and Rita visited New York City's WHTZ (Z100) to premiere "How We Do (Party)." "We just wanted a song that was a party anthem... It references [The Notorious] B.I.G.'s 'Party and Bullshit,' and obviously it's not hip-hop track, but from that hip-hop inluence I just wanted to create a song where you can play at a party and it feels good," she said.

Another taste of Rita's debut is her U.K. single, the Drake-penned "R.I.P." "I heard it in the studio with Drake and I just said 'I need this song,'" she continued. "I don't really sing a song on this album unless I write it or am in the writing process cause you have to be in it and be involved so it can be you. But as son as I heard it I was like, ''This is me so I need to have it.'

As she preps to embark on Coldplay's European tour as an opener for 10 days, Rita Ora is enjoying the discovery and anticipation that comes with the long nights and early mornings. "It's been a while of me finding myself, being honest with myself and then writing about it. It's great to finally realize it. When your time comes you need to grab it with both hands," Rita Ora said.