Elijah Blake Talks Upcoming 'Songs About Melody' Album, Performs Two Songs

The singer-songwriter reveals the title of his major-label debut, collaborations and performs a new song, 'Drop Dead Beautiful.'

Elijah Blake is calling dibs on next. The singer-songwriter, born in the Dominican Republic and raised in Florida, has written hits for big names such as Mary J. Blige, Usher ("Climax"), Rihanna ("No Love Allowed") and Rick Ross ("Presidential"). But it's his time to step into the spotlight.

The Roc Nation signee, as of August 2012, caught the attention of many after releasing his free EP, "Bijoux 22," in December. His 8-track EP, hosted by Don Cannon and his mentor, No I.D., teased his velvety vocals and proved he can pen as stimulating of a hit for himself as for others.

Elijah Blake plans to take R&B to the next level with his upcoming major label debut, "Songs of Melody" (Def Jam Recordings), due this year. "I'll give you guys an exclusive," he tells The Juice. "The album is called 'Songs About Melody' cause all the songs are about one girl. I couldn't use her name but melody is my strong point when I write songs so [with] the wordplay, melody can be about a girl or that feeling that you get when you hear a great melody."

"Songs About Melody" will include collaborations with J. Cole, Big Sean and Common. Besides the Common-assisted, "X.O.X.," which appears on "Bijoux 22" and is his lead single off "Songs About Melody," the album also features the heartfelt, Happy Perez-produced, "Drop Dead Beautiful."

"That song sums up the story of the album. Whether it was two years, two months or three years you invested time and time is the most valuable thing on this earth so if you gained a friend who knows all your insecurities, all your downfalls, all your flaws, just cause a relationship didn't work out doesn't mean that there is not a friendship that was there, if it was real," he says of "Drop Dead Beautiful," after its performance. "It's a love that was drop dead beautiful... we kind of buried the relationship aspect but gave birth to [the] friendship aspect."

"There's going to be beautiful imperfections. Not everything is going to be so perfect that it sounds formulated. It's organic and there's live instrumentation," he continued to say of the album. "There's storytelling and it takes you to a place."

Check out above as Elijah Blake shares details on his upcoming debut album, "Songs About Melody," career start, and the making of "X.O.X." and new song, "Drop Dead Beautiful."