Kanye West Reveals Big-Name Collaborators on 'Yeezus'

Daft Punk, Rick Rubin, Bon Iver's Justin Vernon, Chief Keef & more to be featured on 'Yeezus.'

Daft Punk is playing in Kanye’s house.

Kanye West’s hugely anticipated “Yeezus” promises to be some party, with the French electronic music masters tipped to appear alongside the likes of Chief Keef and Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon.

In fact, Chief Keef and Vernon are expected to appear on the same song -- a track entitled "Can't Handle My Liquor".

Word got out from a “Yeezus” listening session Monday night at New York’s Milk Studios. On the night, West confirmed that Daft Punk worked on three or four songs, and he shared a track that reworks TNGHT's "R U Ready" with Billie Holiday’s "Strange Fruit," Pitchfork reports.

West also revealed that Rick Rubin had executive-produced the album. "It was good for me to go to the god, Rick Rubin, and play him my shit, ask him questions, and allow him to take this project to an entirely new level, and he made a lot of great decisions at the end and pulled it to a whole new level," 'Ye said after playing his album twice to those in attendance.

According to the AP, the album has a "dark, moody vibe that expands beyond his last two solo efforts," and it's a departure from his first three, hit-filled albums. "Yeezus" stands out from 'Ye's discography for it's sporadic and influenced by range of genres including reggae to dance.

"We didn’t give a fuck about what nobody said from the outside looking in. We just wanted to make the best product possible and this is just the beginning of an entire new mentality about how to make music," 'Ye contiuned.

Kanye West's friends Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Timbaland, Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes were in the house to hear the first spin of “Yeezus,” which is out June 18. "I wanna explain something about the title 'Yeezus,' simply put West was my slave name and Yeezus is my god name," he said.

The rapper tested a handful of new tracks during his 21-song Governors Ball set on Sunday night (June 9). He led with a new number, "Black Skinhead." Watch the footage below.