Goodie Mob Previews 'Age Against The Machine'; Reveals Album Artwork

Goodie Mob

The group enlists T.I. and Janelle Monae for their upcoming album, due August 27.

Fourteen years have passed since Goodie Mob collectively released an album with their entire lineup present. Their reunion had several false starts, dating as far back as 2006, and leading up to even two years ago when it was first announced that a new album was in the works. None of that mattered last night in New York City, as all four members were present in Diddy’s famed “Daddy’s House” recording studio to introduce a project that is destined to own the latter part of the Summer. Welcome to "Age Against the Machine."

The listening session was sponsored by Ty Ku liquors, with mixed drinks flowing and half-shots being circulated as the album played. Cee-Lo Green curated the playback – clad in a black tank top, black leather shorts, and sandals – and flanked by members Khujo, Big Gipp, and T-Mo.

Famed journalist Shaheem Reid played host, interjecting throughout the listening to ask a variety of questions. Only selections from the album were spun, starting with an Intro featuring some welcomed bars from Dungeon Family veteran Big Rube.

The album is a return to the heart of Goodie Mob first heard on their 1995 debut "Soul Food," coupled with accents of historical Atlanta hip-hop and the inevitable funkiness present throughout the whole Dungeon Family. There is, however, an obvious updated formula. Cameos from T.I. and Janelle Monáe aid in Goodie Mob's sonic transition into the current landscape, while Cee-Lo's production throughout the work along with his pop panache usher in a new era for the quartet. Tracks cover a whole slew of topics ranging from white girl appreciation to the destruction of the radio. As for the album title, it's an obvious play on the rock/rap band Rage Against the Machine, yet taken a step further. "For me, 'Age Against the Machine' is like humans against the machine," Khujo explains. "We've been fighting against the machine since the 'Soul Food' album."

The project is impressively fluid and cohesive coming from a group who hasn't made an album together in almost a decade and a half. Big Gipp even likened the recording reunion to riding a bicycle. The group will even tour, starting August 24 in Washington D.C. While the colossal success of Cee-Lo is the most obvious feather in Goodie Mob's cap, The Voice judge assured the congregation that he hasn't lost his edge. Neither have his counterparts, and "Age Against The Machine" is proof of that. "I'm wearing leather shorts," Cee-Lo chortled. "So you know I can rap."

"Age Against the Machine" arrives August 27.

Within the past week, Goodie Mob has been revealing parts of their album cover. Above is the third of four pieces which features Big Gipp, Kujo and T-Mo. The third piece of the artwork, revealed exclusively on The Juice, is accompanied by a matching verse from T-Mo off Goodie Mob's upcoming single, "Understanding." Check it out below: