Beyonce's New 'Grown Woman' Song Hits the Net: Listen

Getty Images


The pregnant pause is over: Beyonce has a new song out.

The pop superstar today dropped "Grown Woman," a feisty tribal beat-driven track co-written by The-Dream and produced by Timbaland. It’s full of an energy that'll inevitably draw comparisons with "Single Ladies."

Beyonce's full of confidence as she sings: “I’m a grown woman, I do whatever I want.” Who would argue. She's at the pinnacle of pop music, the matriarch of a music dynasty.

The buzz surrounding whether she is or isn't carrying a sibling for Blue Ivy will almost certainly segue into more hype for this new number.

A short cut of the track had accompanied Beyonce’s Pepsi “Mirrors” ad, and it’s been given an airing on stage in recent weeks. Today, however, is the first full taste of the recording.

For the record, Beyonce's husband Jay-Z  has said there isn't another Carter baby. Apart from this new record, that is.