Kanye West Unveils New Song With Worldwide Building Projections: Watch

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Kanye West performs at the Concert for Sandy Relief at Madison Square Gerden in New York.

In a typically innovative move, Kanye West has launched his highly anticipated sixth studio album by unveiling a new song and visual from the full-length via images being projected on 66 buildings scattered around the globe.

"NEW SONG AND VISUAL FROM MY NEW ALBUM BEING PROJECTED TONIGHT ACROSS THE GLOBE ON 66 BUILDINGS," West posted on Twitter on Friday night (May 17). He also linked to his web site, which features a map of the world with cities like New York, Miami, London, Paris and Sydney all assigned specific locations and times in which the video will be projected (for instance, the Meatpacking district in NYC will host West's latest musings on Friday night between 11:45 pm ET and midnight).


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The global reveal has been sandwiched between West's surprise performance at New York's Roseland Ballroom on Wednesday night and his return to "Saturday Night Live" on Saturday night. The rapper's new song being unveiled on Friday night is reportedly titled "New Slaves."

Yeezy's follow-up to 2010's "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" is rumored to have a June 18 release date. Click here to check out everything we already know about the project.