Kanye West: Everything We Know About His Upcoming Album (Infographic)

Kanye West has been gradually teasing his sixth studio album: the rapper tweeted what is rumored to be the tentative release date ("June Eighteen") and performed new songs at the Met Gala and Adult Swim upfront event, including the Auto-Tune love song, presumably titled "Awesome." He's previewed the album in its entirety to his record label, Def Jam, and a select few industry insiders. The consensus? Surprise, surprise: It's dark, aggressive and laced with plenty of shit-talking. It all sounds fine to us -- we wouldn't want Kanye to be anything but Kanye.

Album collaborators, from Skrillex to Daft Punk, have hinted at their participation in the album through Instagram photos shot in Paris to DJ'ing new tracks themselves like Hudson Mohawke (allegedly titled "New Slaves"). As we gear up for Kanye West's "SNL" performance on Saturday (May 18), here is everything we've gathered about his upcoming album.

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Infographic by Rachel Orr