French Montana Debuts The Weeknd-Assisted 'Gifted': Listen

Shareif Ziyadat
Best Bets Albums 2013, French Montana

French Montana unveils his latest track, "Gifted," from his upcoming debut album, "Excuse My French," due Tuesday (May 21).

"Gifted" finds French Montana talking about "pimpin' like a poet" over a drug-induced beat from The Weeknd.

The singer, who dominates the song, touches on how he feels most appreciated when high: "Gifted when he's faded / Faded all the time / I know that's when they love me / They love me when I'm high."

"Gifted" follows the release of the rapper's "Ain't Worried About Nothing" and "Freaks," which featured a guest verse by Nicki Minaj. "Freaks" peaked at No. 25 on the R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart on March 30. It's performing the best on Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop where it's at it's peak of No. 20 this week. Besides Nicki Minaj, "Excuse My French" will feature Drake, Lil Wayne, Ne-Yo and more.

The Weeknd is also gearing up for his upcoming album, "Kiss Land," whose release date has yet to be announced. He recently posted a video teaser of his latest, "John Carpenter."