Jessie Ware Talks 'Imagine It Was Us' Song & A$AP Rocky Collaboration

Kate Glicksberg

Jessie Ware photographed in New York City.

Within nine-months of the U.K. release of her debut album, "Devotion," Jessie Ware has found herself in a whirlwind of praise for her lush vocals and throwback R&B sound.

"A lot has changed in a year. It's been really fun [and] amazing. It's only gotten better, and still the album hasn't come out yet," she told The Juice just days before the album's U.S. release (April 16).

The re-release of "Devotion" includes all of the album's original songs (with a name change to "110%" due to sample clearance issues), an A$AP Rocky-assisted remix of her hit single, "Wildest Moments," and a new song titled, "Imagine It Was Us."

"There's a been a few, little kind of makeovers to the new release and additional songs. I got the A$AP [Rocky] remix of 'Wildest Moments,' and I got a brand new song," she said. "From touring the album, I realized what I wanted to have in the set that I felt was missing, was a more upbeat song. I'm really glad that I wrote one and now I can play it live and it balances ['Devotion'] out."

Jessie Ware's collaboration with A$AP Rocky happened just before she had to turn over the full-length effort. "I love A$AP Rocky. I know I wanted a rapper on 'Wildest Moments'. I didn't know how I was going to do it," she continued. "Last time I was here it was in January and he was promoting his record in the U.K. He got interviewed asking who he'd like to collaborate with, maybe U.K. artists, and he mentioned me. I was like, 'Oh my God, he knows who I am.' So we were like, 'Let's just send this track and just hope it happens.' And just before the deadline we get an email with his verse in the post. It was just so exciting."

Although the singer never fails to leave concert-goers in awe, as she did this past weekend at Coachella 2013, Ware admits she still "freaks out," as she is with her upcoming slot at this summer's Wireless Festival. "It's in the Olympic stadium this year," she says before taking a pause of disbelief. "My manager's like, 'It's 60,000 people.'  I felt sick. 'Oh my God. I'm just going to think… What would Whitney [Houston] do?"