Tink Talks Chicago Rap Scene & Female Rappers; Premieres 'All That' Song

Tink may be 5'6, but the 18-year old can pack a punch in her rhymes.

Photos: Tink Visits Billboard Studio

The singer/rapper, who starting singing in church at the age of five-years old, dived into rapping freshman year of high-school after she dropped a song (over a Clipse instrumental) on Facebook. "It was different. Not to many girls rap but when everyone received it [well] I was like, 'Okay, this is kind of cool. I'll pick up on it,'" she tells The Juice.

Her buzz has outgrown the city limits of her hometown of Calumet City, south of Chicago. Within one year Tink has released three mixtapes: "Winter's Diary," "Alter Ego" and "Blunts & Ballads." Everything's released she's penned herself, including her "Alter Ego" buzz track, "Fingers Up."

"'Fingers up' was a song I wrote to be blunt, for every one who has a hater. My city is tough. People say almost anything; they just don't' care. 'Fingers up' was that song that meant, 'fingers up to you if you hatin' on me right now. This is what i want to do. I have some talent. So, I'm going to show it off. No matter what, I'm gonna keep going.'"

While working up an all R&B tape, due to drop this year, Tink is releasing Mikkey Halsted-assisted,  "All That," exclusively here on The Juice.

"[All That] brings about going forward with your dream. Like the hook says, 'I need all of that, all of that, all of that and some.' That to me actually means, with everything that comes with success, I need that big house, I need that nice car [and] I want those nice shoes. I need all of that," she says. "So each day, I'm working and going to stay working, keep grinding till I get all of that and some."

Tink is going for what's hers while paying no mind to competition or beefs. "Because there aren't many female rappers that are out right now, it is tense. [It's also] because not too many people are doing it," Tink says. "But at the same time, as long as i just stay focused and the other rappers do what they do and I do what I do we can all succeed."