Andy Allo Talks Working With Prince, Performs Two Songs

Andy Allo's vocal prowess and allure has caught the attention of many, including the legendary Prince.

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"When Prince and I worked on the album, 'Superconductor,' he executive produced and arranged it. [He] also co-wrote three songs with me. That experience was incredible. It's very educational. I would just watch him. You're in presence of someone who has so much experience and so much knowledge," Allo said of working with Prince. "At the same time he gave me that space to blossom and grow." As a fan of hers, and also a member of Prince's New Power Generation band, it was inevitable for both to collaborate.

The singer-songwriter and guitarist has been nourishing her love for music since the young age of seven, when her mother taught her to play the piano. She's released two albums to date, as an independent artist, 2009's "UnFresh" and 2012's "Superconductor."

"Being an independent artist, you have freedom. It's a lot of responsibility because you get to make decisions for yourself," she said. "Sometimes you are critical of yourself being an independent artist. You definitely think about what you're doing and what's coming across. But that's the beauty of being an independent artist is you can surround yourself with good people that will always have your back."

Allo is taking her time with her third studio album. She's currently writing new material such as her latest song, "One Step Closer," which she performed exclusively for Billboard.