Snoop Lion Uncertain Of Reggae Future

Craig Barritt/Getty Images
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"That was a priceless moment. I may wanna do something different next time"

When Snoop Dogg transformed himself into Snoop Lion last summer, many were surprised by the new sound from the rapper who'd once released hits like “Gin & Juice” and “Drop it Like it’s Hot." Snoop revealed that although he plans to follow up "Reincarnation" with more new music, it might not be so distinctly Jamaican.

"I definitely feel like I’m gonna make more music, but I don’t know if I’m gonna go to Jamaica, I may wanna go somewhere else,” Snoop Lion told NME. “I may wanna venture into another part of the world. Some things you let them be what they are. That was a priceless moment. I may wanna do something different next time."

Snoop Lion: 'Reincarnated' Album Preview

This “something different” however, could be anything from a location change to a genre jump.

"I’m just saying I don’t know if I want to repeat the same process as far as going to Jamaica and making a reggae album,” he says. “I may wanna go to another country and make a reggae album. I may wanna make a rap album. I don’t know."

Whether his follow up to “Reincarnation” is rap or reggae, there is no doubt that Snoop will have many other things to occupy his mind until that decision comes. He'll be playing the Ultra Music Festival later this month, and his documentary, showcasing his passage into reggae and transformation into Snoop Lion, “Reincarnation” premieres this week (March 15). On April 23, he'll release "Reincarnated" (via Vice) alongside the Snoop-branded video game, “Way of the Dogg.”