Beyonce Bowl: How Queen B Scored at Halftime

Beyonce performs at Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Destiny's Child performs at Super Bowl XLVII Halftime Show

Beyoncé brought the attitude, her hits, and reunited Destiny's Child at the Superdome

Beyonce's halftime performance on Super Bowl Sunday was easily one of the best ever. In recent years, the NFL has leaned heavily on legacy artists: Madonna ruled in 2012 and Prince killed in 2007. But let's face it -- they might have have been even better had they had their halftime turn when their hits were racking up radio spins in the '80s and '90s. They were seasoned vets, but lacked some of the spunk of their heydays.

But on Feb. 3, 2013, there was Beyonce at her freshest and fiercest on the 50-yard line, with numerous, current hit records in tow and a budget large enough to make them feel even bigger.

No expense was spared for the sizzling 12-minute extravaganza. From the flames that engulfed the reuinted Destiny's Child to the sparks that shot from her guitarists' axe mid-solo to the dizzying digital stage that Queen B pounced all over, Beyonce' Super Bowl moment was about as big as they come.

For the last two weeks, Beyonce's been about the only thing the entertainment world has talked about. And the chatter hasn't been all that positive, as she’s tried to shake the bad pub her lip-synced inauguration performance. But the Pepsi-sponsored halftime extravaganza immediately quited all haters when B, bathed in fog and purple spotlights, sprouted from the stage belting out the chorus from  "Love On Top," her warm single from her last album "4." Yes, America, the girl can sing. Let's move on.

After a few bars, the leather-and-lace-clad diva dipped into "Crazy in Love." Even without a rumored guest appearance from her husband Jay-Z, the tempo change picked up the energy and the pace, keeping it there for much of the rest of the show. She strutted towards the front of the stage in her black leather dress and booties looking like Catwoman, it was obvious that it likely would be the last time she did anything at medium pace. Then came the classic "Uh Oh" dance, featuring the type of booty-popping that would break unfit attempter’s backs and waists.

With more than a dozen dancers backing her, choreography for her other "4" jam "End of Time" appeared even more epic, as did the reggeaton rendition of her "Dangerously in Love" single "Baby Boy." During the cut, several digital replicas of Beyoncé functioned as her background dancers, similar to her showing at the 2011 Billboard Awards. Cool stuff, to say the least.


It was hard to think that the excitement and show could turn up any more at that point. She already had all the fans in the Superdome in the palm of her gloved hand. But then came Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland -- her old Destiny's Child sisters -- springing out of nowhere and confirming the rumors that the threesome would reunite tonight. Eeeeeek! "Bootylicious!"

In similar outfits, the ladies wasted no time getting to their jams. "Independent Women," their 2000 "Charlie's Angels" soundtrack cut and ode to ladies who can make it without a man, followed.

Getting back to the main attraction's hits, Beyonce jumped into her smash, "Single Ladies." She shared the lyrics for a bit with Rowland and Williams before excusing them to launch into the song's elaborate choreography.

The grand finale, "Halo," came from her third album "I Am... Sasha Fierce." Hair whipping, voice soaring, fireworks blazing, Beyoncé could do nothing but toss her back to the stage while on her knees at show’s end. With the Baltimore Raven's owning the 49ers going into halftime, Beyoncé's performance was more entertaining than the big game's first 30 minutes.

"The hardest part was figuring out what I was going to perform," Beyonce said during an interview earlier this week on the NFL Network of her preparation for this night. "I want to give the fans all the songs that they love. But it’s only 12 minutes. It’s been a few months of tweaking and perfecting."

She touched eight songs in her medley. What super fans deemed "The Beyoncé Bowl" lived up to the hype. For some, the tongue-in-cheek polls that forecasted she'd beat both the football teams competing for the Vince Lombardi Trophy may have been right. Yeah, Beyoncé and Destiny's Child were that good.