Lil B Releases Joey Bada$$ Diss Track, 'I'm The Bada$$'

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Lil B's stream of positivity was cut short today (Jan. 29) when he released a diss track aimed at Joey Bada$$ called "I'm The Bada$$." The diss sparked a snarky back-and-forth between the two young rappers. The track was in response to a lyric off Joey's "1999" mixtape, which dropped in June of 2012.

The lyric in question wasn't even Joey's, but a line from the recently-deceased Capital Steez ("They say hard work pays off/Well tell the Based God don't quit his day job") from "Survival Tactics." Joey tweeted the lyric last night and tagged Lil B, prompting him to respond with a "warning shot" of a diss track at 5:30 pm.



"Ni**as think they badasses now," he kicks off the minute and a half-long verse, promising to make Joey's life into "a motherfucking mystery." He closed with: "if you really think you a badass, I'll turn you into trash, you little bitch."

The track earned an immediate -- and bemused -- reaction out of Joey, with a series of tweets from the 18-year-old Brooklynite threatening to pull a Nas and "ether." Lil B continued to say that the Based God was not worth his time, expressing disappointment that Lil B didn't go harder, and then saying he was amped that Lil B "dedicated his appreciation to me" on a song.







"I'm The Bada$$" got Lil B trending around the world, something he didn't let slip under his radar. Shots fired.