Rick Ross' Maybach Music Group Moves to Atlantic Records, Tour Cancellation Explained

Maybach Music Group Takes Over NYC With Album Signing & Concert

Maybach Music Group Takes Over NYC With Album Signing & Concert

Rick Ross is moving his label, Maybach Music Group, from Warner Bros. to Atlantic Records. Shortly after rumors of the move hit, Rick Ross spoke with through Miami's 99 Jamz to speak about his recent tour cancellation, and to confirm what he called "the biggest move of the year."

"I got another announcement as well -- I'm excited for this year we got coming up, man," he said. "This is really huge. MMG, we just merged with Atlantic Records. It's the biggest move of the year. We gonna leave it right there. I'm signed as a solo artist to Def Jam. And Meek Mill, Wale, we all MMG at the end of the day."

In a related development, Karen Civil tweeted earlier today, "Warner Urban Dept is no more, artists have been moved to Atlantic." The move would make sense on paper, given the departures of Joie Manda (who became Def Jam's president) and Todd Moscowitz in recent months. However, the company also recently brought in R&B/hip-hop vet Jon Platt in a dual publishing/label role.

However, a rep for Warner Music Group told "Warner Bros.' Burbank-based urban department will remain where it is and continue to sign and develop its roster of world-class urban talent. The label's outstanding New York-based urban music team will continue its incredible work, only now as part of Atlantic Records."

The Warner Bros to Atlantic Records MMG move, comes days after Rick Ross cancelled the second leg of his Maybach Music Group tour due to conflict with his tour promoter, Shawn Gee, not due to gang threats contrary to earlier reports.

"I canceled the rest of the tour due to the promoter was really not handling his business. He canceled a date of mine. I was going to Tuscon, Arizona and I was really a few hours outside of the market when I heard. I believe it was Tuscon, this was a week and a half ago," he said. "And I let the dude know how we move and just to communicate a little better. So I woke up and realized that two more dates had been canceled. I felt like that was some power I needed to take away from homie, so I canceled the rest of the dates."

At press time, Gee had not responded to's request for comment.