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Beyonce Releases Emoji 'Surfboard' & 'Blow' T-Shirts

Beyonce Emoji T-Shirts

Beyonce Emoji T-Shirts with "Surfboard" and "Blow" song titles

Capitalizing on the standout slogans from her latest album, Beyonce has new t-shirts for sale that are as cute as they are hilarious. The first is a white tee with an emoji picture of a woman surfing. At bottom center it’s captioned “SURFBOARD.” This, of course, is in reference to her smash single “Drunk in Love,” where she raps that she likes to ride her man with “my surfboard.”

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The other shirt is a bit more obvious: a black tee with cherries on the sleeves and “BLOW” written bottom center. “Blow” is the Pharrell Williams and Timbaland-produced track on “Beyonce” about oral sex. Both are available for presale here.

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