Jay Z & Beyonce's "RUN" Fashion: Stylist Rob Zangardi on Dressing Music's Hottest Couple

Beyonce and Jay Z in "Run" video trailer

Jay Z’s latest video from summer 2013 album “Magna Carta… Holy Grail” for “Part II” does plenty in its three minutes and 44 seconds, functioning as a star-studded (Jake Gyllenhaal, Blake Lively, Don Cheadle) movie trailer for a feature-length film co-starring wife Beyonce called "RUN" that will never come out and teasing the pair’s forthcoming summer stadium tour.

Styling played a huge role in putting this trailer together. Since the video was made to have the feel of a blockbuster movie teaser, both Jay and Bey’ needed a variety of looks to support the idea. Enter Los Angeles-based duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haenn, who together handled Beyonce's “RUN” looks and (along with June Ambrose, who dressed Jay) created an on-camera couple that's elegant, rugged and sexy all at once.

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Zangardi talked to Billboard recently about putting Beyonce in a lace outfit for their wedding scene, her money print bikini and melding Jay and Bey's Brooklyn and Houston flavors for the epic video.

Billboard: How did you get involved with “RUN”?

Rob Zangardi: The director, Melina Matsoukas, is a close friend to us and the project was presented essentially as a music video that was a movie trailer, and in a way, a nod to "03 Bonnie and Clyde." We received the treatment, along with a request for 15 different looks, and it all came together quickly, going perfectly with the title of the project.

Can you walk us through some of the looks and why their diversity was so important in this love story?

Beyonce, enjoying her honeymoon in "RUN"

Because it's a mock trailer, there was an entire story that had to be portrayed very quickly, hence the large variety of looks you see. At the same time, there had to be some common thread, some common concept tying “RUN” to the tour and Jay and Beyonce's aesthetic. This is where we played around with integrating a little Texas, a little New York and a little of that classic Beyonce glamour.

The holster and western outfit was a nod to Beyonce's Texas roots. The torn Yankees shirt, baseball caps and ski masks were a nod to New York. Then there's the wedding ensembles (1:49), where they are meant to look like they got married on the run, Beyonce is in this beautiful lace dress and vintage veil while Jay is wearing a leather jacket, tuxedo pants and construction Timberland boots. The looks had to speak to these different scenes but still feel very much like them.

What are your personal favorite looks from the two?

Cowgirl Beyonce and her city boy beau Jay Z in "RUN"

Loved the wedding look, because it was a mix of traditional ceremony attire with street style. Also, the vintage leather Alaia set Beyonce wears as they are walking away from the explosion was the perfect touch of bad-assness for a partner in crime. And, of course, the fringed bandana print body suit with cowgirl hat, paired with Jay's camo jacket and Yankees cap was one of our favorites (1:34).

What looks Jay and Beyonce’s eyes light up? Any fun moments you can recall on set?

Beyonce floating in "RUN"

Beyonce was very fun and easy to work with. The collaboration felt like such a perfect fit because she got what we were trying to do and was completely on board. They both loved incorporating their hometowns into the looks and some of the symbolism, like the money print bikini (3:05) or the deck of cards print on Beyonce's vintage Moschino jacket she's wearing while having girl talk with Blake.

Did you guys style the other actors as well?

We only dressed Blake, which was a dream.   

Beyonce, with Kadida (left) and Rashida (right) Jones, looking like she's guilty of whatever she's accused of in "RUN"

Will you be assisting at all with their "On the Run" tour this summer?

We would love to help out and collaborate again, but no plans as of now.   


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