Lorde and Haim Cover V Magazine’s March Music Issues: Exclusive First Look

V Magazine, Spring 2014 with Lorde and Haim on the covers

New Zealand high-school student EllaYelich-O'Connor, better known as underdog pop hero Lorde, is a girl on fire. The self-aware singer, who sometimes dip-dyes her fingers in black paint, just raked in two Grammys this year, making her the third youngest Grammy winner in history.

Now the “Royals” songstress fronts V Magazine’s March Music issue. She shares V cover duties with lady rock trio Haim, who are on alternates. There are an additional two covers to come, making it four acts total.

On the black-and-white cover shot by photographers Inez van Lamsweerde and Vinoodh Matadin and styled by Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele, Lorde strikes a pensive pose in a black Chanel dress. 

Lorde wearing Chanel is a match made in fashion heaven. And how amazing are her huge teased tresses? They’re so bold that they give Lady Gaga’s hairstyle back on her 2012 Vogue cover a run for its money.

While Lorde is undeniably making major waves, she’s not too keen on being dubbed “the voice of a generation.” “Oh, come on!” she objects when informed that an NPR writer has just referred to her as “the Nirvana of now.” “I’m sure so many people will read that and be like, ‘Fuck off!” she says to V.

Check out more snippets from her interview below and head to V Magazine’s website later today (Feb. 13) for the complete interview.  

On being portrayed as an “anti-Miley [Cyrus],” an “anti-Taylor [Swift]": Lorde insists she’s not particularly interested in being “anti” anyone, even if, as she admits, she is demographically something of an in-between.

“I’ve always hung out with people older than me, with my parents’ friends, because I appreciated the conversation. And even now, although I have heaps of friends in high school, I also hang out with a lot of older people. And sometimes with them I’m like, “God, this is boring!” But it means that I get to have these stimulating encounters with people that I idolize, which is cool.”

On suddenly finding herself rubbing elbows with red-carpet-walking royals and finding it bizarre: “Totally,” says Yelich-O’Connor. “You’re right, it is at odds with what I write about, and the reality of my life until a few months ago. But when I go home, I still do all the stuff I used to do. I dunno...part of me feels like it’s weird to just get sucked into that world.”

On being wary of Lorde overload: “I want to let people stop hearing Lorde on the radio all the time, because it’s kind of crazy at the moment. I’d like to give people a little bit of breathing room before I unleash something different.”

V’s March Music issue hits newsstands on February 27.