10 Artists Everyone Will Be Talking About At New York Fashion Week: Kanye, Rihanna and More

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Miley Cyrus, Pharrell, Rihanna

Fashion week is always abuzz with the latest industry gossip. Will Marc Jacob’s show reign supreme again? What will Alexander Wang’s show be like at the Duggal Greenhouse in the Brooklyn Navy Yard? But aside from the industry insider chatting, musicians are also key talking points. Maybe you just heard a recent track by Miley on the runway, or you spot Rihanna front row, singers will be discussed at NYWF. Here are the 10 artists we think everyone will be talking about this season.

Pharrell Wiliams 

Are large fedoras the new baseball cap? Beyond his killer beats and collaborations, we still cant get over just how dynamic Pharrell’s style is consistently.

Miley Cyrus

Will Miley show up? Will she be wearing fur, a unitard or nothing at all? Will she be twerking on a model? Aside from Miley’s scandalous twerking and tongue-wagging ways, she looked beyond hot on the cover of W Magazine.

Lady Gaga

What happened to Lady Gaga? Can she make a comeback? Fashionistas and editors alike will be wondering what happened to Mother Monster and her "ARTPOP" revolution.


How sexy is pregnant Ciara, even when sporting a baby bump? Ci-Ci still has one of the best bodies in the industry.


Is wet hair a thing? After seeing Bey’s sexy Grammy performance and Miley’s new W cover, we can’t help but wonder: Is this the new look?

Bruno Mars

How great was Bruno’s Super Bowl performance? The only thing that comes close to his stellar performance was seeing Red Hot Chilly Peppers front man Anthony Kiedis perform shirtless in Jeremy Scott leggings. Maybe Bruno can bring his well-tailored style to NYFW and best his SB Sunday look.


"Is that Rih?" Nothing creates more hype and emotion around a line than seeing Rihanna front row at fashion week.

Justin Bieber

Will Justin Bieber show up at fashion week again? Given that he is surrounded by controversy, we hope the Bieb’s hits up fashion week to show everyone he’s doing just fine.

Kanye West

Attendees will be wondering what Mr. West’s next fashion debut will look like and what he and his fiance will be wearing while front row hopping.


Will new Grammy winner Lorde be attending any shows? If so, what shows? Will she walk in a show? Our fingers are crossed that Lorde will hit up NYFW this season.