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Drake's Tour Style Inspired By Marky Mark & Clouds, Says Calvin Klein's Italo Zucchelli

Calvin Klein/Billy Farrell/BFANYC

Drake, Italo Zucchelli

Rocking customized Calvin Klein Collection looks inspired by Italo Zucchelli’s Spring/Summer 2014 collection, Drake hit the stage for his Would You Like a Tour show at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York on October 28. The Toronto artist's sold-out show featured guests like Busta Rhymes and the A$AP Mob. Drizzy certainly dressed well for the occassion, wearing a light blue denim hooded shirt, matching tank and cargo pants as well as a white reflective tank and track pants, all custom designed by Zucchelli.

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“It all started with a conversation about Drake’s new album cover featuring him and a blue sky with clouds in the background,” Italo, the Men’s Creative Director for Calvin Klein Collection says of his Drake pieces to The Hook. Drake’s sky-print album cover perfectly matched their cloud-covered T-shirts, which were a prominent theme in the brand's runway show. Italo took this look and turned it into a custom zip-up hoodie for Drake, along with a number of other effortless looks. “He is very real and unaffected and that’s the side of him I wanted to amplify for his stage clothes,” Italo revealed.

Check out entire interview with Calvin Klein’s Italo Zucchelli below.

Billboard: What was the process like working with Drake? Did he have a large amount of input on the clothing?

Italo Zucchelli: It was very smooth and easy. He had some specific needs in terms of fit, which was also dictated by his need to be able to move freely in the clothes on stage. He likes iconic pieces, like tank tops and bomber jackets, so I worked with pieces I designed for my last couple of collections and customized them, making them in different materials, like the reflective cotton top and pants that glow in the dark.

What inspired the stage gear you created?

It all started with a conversation about Drake’s new album cover featuring him and a blue sky with clouds in the background, and the fact that for my latest spring show, I designed some t-shirts and sweatshirts with prints featuring a blue sky with clouds and a blue sea. We also looked at some ‘90s photographs of Mark Wahlberg wearing denim for inspiration. I wanted the whole wardrobe to look clean, sharp and modern, and that’s why we used some of my technical materials to give the pieces a different edge. It really works well with his stage set, I have to say.

How do you view Drake’s style?

Urban, unfussy and effortless. I think he always looks great—both when he is dressed up for formal occasions and when he is performing under the spotlight.  He has such a personal magnetism that is very infectious.

How would you describe how he carries himself? How did you mirror his aesthetic?

I love it. He is very real and unaffected, and that’s the side of him I wanted to amplify for his stage clothes. The pieces had to fit comfortably and I also created the outfits entirely out of the same material, including the jacket, tank top and pants, to make the looks very cohesive and clean, almost like uniforms, yet in very special fabrications. The t-shirts and tank tops with the sky print from my spring collection also complemented the monochromatic ensembles perfectly.

What’s your favorite Drake song?

“Started from the Bottom.” It’s very anthemic.