Kelly Osbourne Discusses Her All-Size Clothing Line at New York Fashion Week: Watch

Kelly Osbourne has been "incredibly overwhelmed because we're in the thick of" New York Fashion Week, but the co-host of E!'s "Fashion Police" has more on her mind than watching the "exquisite" creations of Zac Posen and admiring the style of music stars like Rihanna and Katy Perry. The lilac-haired 28-year-old has just revealed plans for a Kelly Osbourne fashion line for all sizes, and that she's "in the process of making that happen right now."

"I want to take this line into not just sizes 0 - 8, because that unfortunately is a lot of clothing lines now," Osbourne told Billboard from the E! "Fashion Police" set at Lincoln Center during NYFW this week. "I want it to go all the way into plus sizes. And I'm not going to charge somebody 25% more because it cut more fabric. I'm going to charge the exact same price whether you're a size zero or a size 20."

Osbourne has also been admiring Zac Posen's runway show this week, which makes her feel very body positive. "I was saying to him, whenever I have a day and I don't like my body… I put one of his dresses on and it teaches me how to love my body all over again."

Meanwhile, she calls Rihanna and Perry two of the best style risk takers in music. "I'm really loving what Rihanna's been doing," she says. "I love that Katy Perry loves having fun with fashion. One minute she's dressed as a cupcake and then she'll be more 90s chic. They're both girls that can transition into different slots."