Beyonce’s Hair Colorist Rita Hazan Talks Singer’s New Look and How To Get It

Find out how Beyonce's new look came to be.

Beyonce shocked the world when she decided to chop off her curly tresses this week and bleach her hair blonde. The drastic change raised two questions: Who’s responsible for the look? And what will she whip around onstage during the rest of her Mrs. Carter World Tour?

Rita Hazan, colorist to music’s biggest names -- from Katy Perry and Britney Spears -- is partially responsible for this dramatic change and has an answer to at least one of those queries. 

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Hazan was the lucky lady who, not only colored the “Halo” singer’s pixie cut, but got to choose the color. "When I saw her cut, I knew the color had to be soft but powerful,” Rita told Billboard. “She wanted to keep her natural color as a grown out look with roots to give it an edge. Thankfully, she allows me creative freedom, which is amazing for a colorist. And she lets me get to the end result in my own way, which in this case ended up a beautiful champaign blonde."

The warm blonde color is a great and gentle way to ease into a new edgy cut and complements the singer’s stunning facial features and completion.  

Are you in love with Queen Bey’s new blonde and short 'do? Thinking of taking a page of her look book? Now you can with the help of Rita Hazan. The hairstylist broke down the color process into the steps. Check out how Rita created Bey’s look below:

  1. "First, I took Beyonce back to her natural color, so in a sense we were starting fresh.” 
  2. “Then I highlighted her strands one small area at a time. I was very precise in how I placed the highlights and wanted the color to be soft and sexy.”
  3. “I chose to highlight her hair with champagne and summer blonde tones. By strategically highlighting her whole head in very tiny sections, we achieved the perfect look."